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hola my name is Jerralynn, but you can call me Jerry.i love the Eleventh Doctor/Matt Smith more than my life tbh. my kik is: jerryismynicknamo

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You and the stranger both like JohnLock.
You: John, are you out? SH
Stranger: Yes. Why?-JW
You: Can you pick up some milk? We ran out. SH
Stranger: No.-JW
You: Why not? SH
Stranger: Because I bought some yesterday. How the hell could it possibly be gone already?-JW
You: I'm doing experiments with it SH
Stranger: Of course...Then you can get it yourself.-JW
You: But you're already out. SH
Stranger: Yes. Good deduction. It's cause I'm at work.-JW
You: Smart ass. Please? SH A
Stranger: Ha. Since when did you start saying please?-JW
You: Right now obviously SH
Stranger: Well it's not going to work.-JW
You: I will buy milk and dump it on your head SH
Stranger: You can try.-JW
You: I will. SH
Stranger: The game is on then, is it?-JW
You: Yes it is. Watch your back Watson. SH
Stranger: Wouldn't it simply be easier to buy the milk for your experiments yourself?-JW
Stranger: Especially when you're going to lose anyway.-JW
You: No. What makes you think i'm going to lose? SH
Stranger: Because you'll have to find me first.-JW
You: Who said now? Who said later? I might do it one day when you suddenly forgot when you're on a date. When you're sleeping. SH
Stranger: I'll always be on guard then.-JW
Stranger: I am an army man, it'll be easy to avoid you.-JW
You: I'm clever. It will be be easy to find you SH
Stranger: Haha. We'll see.-JW
You: Definitely. Watch your back. SH
Stranger: Oh don't worry. I will.-JW
Stranger: You taught me well.-JW
You: We'll see SH
Stranger: Come and get me then.-JW
You: Sherlock set his phone down and tried to think where John could be working.
Stranger: John had long since left work and was sitting in his favorite cafe. With a smile, he took a sip of his coffee and stared out the window. He imagined it'd be a while for Sherlock to find him.
You: Sherlock groaned then thought of all the possibilities. He narrowed them down. Not at Bart's. He rubbed his eyes a he tried to remember the kinds of things he liked.
Stranger: John's favorite cafe sat just a block away from Bart's on a street packed full of various shops. The cafe was quiet and small, with only one barista. The walls were covered with old books and John loved pulling them off the shelves to read a page or two.
You: Sherlock gave up and took a cab to Bart's. When he arrived, he went to Molly. "Have you seen John?" he asked looking slightly irritated
Stranger: Molly looked up from the dead body she was currently examining with confusion. "No. Not recently." She said, "Why is he alright?"
You: Sherlock rolled his eyes. "He won't be when I find him."
Stranger: Molly's eyes widened. "Why? What did he do?"
You: "He wouldn't buy milk for my experiment so I'm going to dump it on him." Sherlock said simply.
Stranger: Molly's eyes grew even more wide. "That's...a little ridiculous isn't it?"
You: Sherlock smirked a little. "Maybe but im going to teach him a lesson."
Stranger: Molly, confused, still stared. "Well...have you asked Sarah?" She said.
You: Sherlock. facepalmed "Of course! Thanks Molly" he said then took a cab to Sarah's house.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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